PACE Launches New Ad Campaign Ahead of House Vote on Crude Oil Exports


Washington, D.C. – Producers for American Crude Oil Exports (PACE) launched a significant television and digital advertising campaign today in 15 congressional districts ahead of the anticipated floor vote next week in the U.S. House of Representatives on legislation (H.R. 702) to lift the outdated U.S. crude oil export ban.  The ad, titled “Level the Playing Field,” focuses on the need to allow U.S. workers and energy producers the opportunity to compete on the international stage, especially if Iran is allowed to export crude oil under the proposed nuclear deal.

The ad will run through next week on cable news and digital channels in the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico and Texas. View the ads on the PACE YouTube channel.

“Next week, members of the House will have the opportunity to decide whether the United States should embrace its role as a world energy leader, or sit back and watch as Iran increases their crude oil exports while more rigs and jobs are idled here at home,” said George Baker, PACE executive director. “The crude oil export ban not only puts U.S. companies at a significant competitive disadvantage, but threatens our national security interests. Permanently repealing the ban would provide our global allies with a stable and secure supply of oil, while creating and protecting jobs here at home and putting downward pressure on U.S. gasoline prices.  This ad campaign is part of our ongoing education, advocacy and engagement efforts to remind policymakers and the American people of what’s at stake. We urge all members to support American jobs by voting in favor of H.R. 702.”

Background: If sanctions on Iranian oil exports are lifted, it would leave the U.S. as the only developed country in the world to ban crude oil exports. Meanwhile, Iran is ready to take advantage of this opportunity by increasing oil production.  In a recent Short Term Energy Outlook, EIA projects that Iran will increase crude oil production by 600,000 bpd by the end of 2016. Because other OPEC countries have not indicated they will cut production, EIA projects that this increase in Iranian crude oil production would coincide with a 400,000 bpd reduction in U.S. production. This reduction in production will undoubtedly cost additional U.S. jobs.

A recent Bloomberg article, titled, “Americas Will Take Brunt of Any Oil Output Cuts When Iran Returns,” further demonstrates the impact increased Iranian crude oil production will have on U.S. and western hemisphere production.

Ad script: The nuclear deal with Iran will allow them to increase their crude oil exports to countries around the world. The Department of Energy projects this will cause U.S. oil production to fall by about 400,000 barrels per day. Threatening U.S. jobs and further damaging our economy. Lifting the U.S. ban on crude oil exports would help level the playing field — giving Americans the opportunity to fairly compete. Call Congress tell them if Iran can export oil – the U.S. should too.  Lift the ban on oil exports.

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