National Survey Finds More Than Two-Thirds of Voters Support Crude Oil Exports

Washington, D.C. – A national survey of registered voters released today by the Producers for American Crude Oil Exports (PACE) found that 69 percent of voters support “Allowing American oil producers to sell crude oil to customers in countries who are trading partners.” This poll comes on the heels of a growing body of independent research and government analysis on the impact crude oil exports would have on the economy and America’s strategic global position.

Given a choice between two policies related to the sale of crude oil, 65% of voters say that “American oil producers should be allowed to sell crude oil to customers in the U.S. and to customers in countries who are trading partners,” while 31% of voters say “the federal government should mandate that American oil producers sell crude oil only to customers in the U.S.”

Commenting on the poll, PACE executive director George Baker issued the following statement:

“There is a growing consensus of research from think tanks, universities and government agencies that have studied this issue. Each has determined that crude oil exports will grow the economy and provide broad-based consumer benefits. This survey demonstrates that a significant majority of voters also believe the economy and consumers would benefit and America’s strategic position in the world would be strengthened if U.S. oil producers were permitted to sell crude oil to customers in countries who are trading partners.”

The survey, conducted by FTI Consulting, also found that voters see substantial benefits to giving U.S. oil producers the ability sell domestically produced crude oil to customers in countries who are trading partners.

  • 76% say the overall impact on the U.S. economy would be positive.
  • 74% say it would make the U.S. less dependent on oil from other countries.
  • 74% say it would create more American jobs.
  • 73% say it would strengthen America’s strategic global position.
  • 63% say the increase in supply would cause prices for crude oil, gasoline and diesel fuel to decrease.
  • 59% say the U.S. trade deficit would get smaller.

A copy of the survey is available HERE.

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