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Editorial Boards Continue to Opine in Favor of #OilExports

Newspaper editorial boards – big and small – from across the country are adding to the growing momentum to remove restrictions on U.S. crude oil exports.  Following last week’s passage of legislation by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and an endorsement by House Speaker John Boehner, four editorial boards have come out this week with strong words for lawmakers to take action on lifting the oil export ban. These editorial boards – some feeling the need to opine more than once – recognize the immense benefits lifting the ban would have on local economies, not to mention the opportunity for job growth. The Houston Chronicle and Daily World in Louisiana note the specific importance of lifting the ban to their local economies.

  • Washington Post: Lifting the export ban on crude oil would be a boon to the U.S. economy: “In fact, experts predict gas prices would go down, based on the simple fact that you don’t put raw crude oil in your tank. Consumers don’t buy crude oil. Refiners do. Domestic gasoline prices tend to track international, not domestic, oil prices. So the current policy is great for refiners who get to buy their feedstock at a bargain price and sell their product at an international rate. But it’s not much help to domestic producers, who have to accept less money for the crude they bring to market, or to consumers, who don’t get the savings passed on to them.”  (Washington Post, 8/2/15)
  • Houston Chronicle: Outdated oil ban needs to go the way of Pong: “Just in time for Congress’ August break, the Senate Energy Committee passed a bill that would finally lift the 40-year-old export restriction. This move would free our oil industry to compete on a level playing field and help out a Houston economy that’s seen job growth slow from 3.7 percent to 1.9 percent over the past 12 months. The age of oil scarcity is gone, and its policies deserve a similar farewell. Like playing Pong on an iPhone, it is time for Congress to catch up with the times.” (Houston Chronicle, 7/31/15)
  • Detroit News: Lift America’s crude oil export ban: “Leftover from the oil scarcity of the 1970s, the export ban harms consumers, stunts the economy and threatens national security. Additionally, with broad bipartisan support for lifting the ban, there’s no good reason to keep it in place…Lawmakers should press to get rid of this outdated ban and allow the freer flow of such a crucial commodity.” (Detroit News, 8/4/15)
  • Daily World (La.): How the government can put Louisianans back to work: “There’s reason to believe that lifting the 40-year-old ban on exporting U.S. crude oil might help some Louisianans get back their jobs…Low oil prices have caused U.S. companies to pause production and send workers home. Job losses in Louisiana run at least at 10 percent, maybe more. But if the U.S. could export oil, it could create new markets and opportunities for U.S. companies.” (Daily World, 8/5/15)

These editorials add to the ever-growing chorus of support to #LiftTheBan. More than 30 editorial boards, including five of the top ten newspapers by circulation in the U.S., have called for an end to the export ban.


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